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To create a platform to connect the emerging entrepreneurs, WOMEN on a global scale, showcasing Phenomenal people with EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCTS, SERVICES & STORIES TO TELL.

Subscribe to WOMAN ON FIRE TV.COM and connect with female entrepreneurs worldwide. WOMAN ON FIRE.. was started in 2013, its goal simple, to raise some funds to help disadvantaged children in Haiti… fast forward 2018, we are in 2 countries, launch WOMAN ON FIRE TV, and creating awareness for Haiti on a much larger scale and helping women in Haiti become self sufficient. With Project RAGS2PADS, more opportunities will become available.

Our Vision is to one day build a home for young ladies leaving the security of the only home they know, the orphanage and helping them to become independent and be able to support themselves and their families in the years to come. Join us… Learn more about our Vision @ www.hopecrossingborders.com

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